Pico CTF 2017 My First SQL

Category: Web Exploitation

My First SQL

I really need access to website, but I forgot my password and there is no reset. Can you help? HINTS Have you heard about SQL injection?

This is an obvious SQL injection challenge. The goal on this challange is to pass the following string to the SQL database in order to retrieve any credentials.

SELECT * FROM Users WHERE Username=’$username’ AND Password=’$password’

The query here returns a value (or a set of values) because the condition is always true (OR 1=1). In this way the system has authenticated the user without knowing the username and password. There is a problem that arises in which we have to close the parantheses in order to close the comment and get a correct query. This consists of adding a number of closing parentheses until we obtain a corrected query

$username = 1’ or ‘1’ = ‘1

$password = 1’ or ‘1’ = ‘1

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Written on August 12, 2017